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Home Grown Edible Landscaping & Nursery LLC is growing its nursery little by little. 

You can purchase our nursery stock at the New Boston Farmers Market, in the town center, on Saturday mornings, from 10 am to 1 pm, from June to October. 

Or, you can call for an appointment to schedule your visit to our nursery 603.714.8803.



Currently, we have the trees, plants and herbs listed on the chart below in stock at our nursery.


Apple Aronia Sugar Maple
Peach Ninebark American Hazlenut
Plum Baneberry Lemon Thyme
Pear Hazelnut Greek Thyme
Blueberry Black Walnut Oregano
Strawberry Black Locust Day Lily
Elderberry Black Willow Comfrey
Juneberry Eastern Cottonwood Motherwort
Beach Plum White Oak Horseradish
  Jerusalem Artichoke  

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